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Special Events Insurance

Special Events are happening all of the time and even with the best planning, unforeseen events take place, and insurance can help provide protection. ALIVE RISK understands the need for protection, which is why we’re a premier wholesale insurance broker and provider in this risk classification.

Your needs are unique and our coverage options are broad. We work with retail insurance agents nationwide to make available special events liability insurance covering weddings, festivals, vendors, concessionaires one-day and short-term events, conventions, and much more.

Our underwriting evolves with each event that requires individual attention.

Online Quoting:
    • Events occurring in less than 90 days
    • Events with less than 5,000 attendees
    • Limits less than $3,000,000
    • Events held within the U.S.

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*If your event is outside of the above parameters, requires full liquor coverage and/or full athletic participant coverage, an ALIVE RISK event underwriter may have other markets. Contact us to discuss.

Submission Requirements:
  • ALIVE RISK Supplemental Application
  • ACORD Application
  • 3 Years Currently Valued Loss Runs


  • Contact us for an application

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